Intervening early for overpronated feet

Heel Seats

For infants and toddlers with excessive, flexible pronation

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Praise for Cusick Center for Learning Courses
This course is truly amazing and so informative. Billi is simply brilliant! I learned so much and know I will be returning to my notes and possibly this course throughout my career. I wish I had taken this years ago and strongly recommend to everyone!
— Developmental Orthopedics
Billi has amazing in-depth knowledge on this subject which she presents in great detail in an accessible, webinar format. Her customer support team are also excellent and responded to my emails quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend this course to all my physio colleagues.
— Developmental Orthopedics
Incredibly in depth on all facets of functional use and the importance of alignment, mass practice, conducting measurements, and using the findings to guide treatment.
— Developmental Orthopedics
This course was great and it was awesome to be able to do it online. It is an excellent tool and will go really well for a number of little ones in my clinic. Some of the terminology was tricky to get used to given I am from Australia however I eventually got it!
— Posture and Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training
Showed me how much I don't know after over 40 years in the field of Orthotics and I am looking forward to learning more from Beverly and her outstanding hard work and study.
— Developmental Orthopedics
This course was extremely informative and gave me inspiration to look into detailed skeletal assessments of my clients! Excellent course that I will recommend to all pediatric PTs.
— Developmental Orthopedics
All sessions were easy to understand with examples and "real-time" explanations of specific issues we address with our patients in every day clinical practice. Loved the fact that some of the review questions were thought- provoking instead of simple evaluation of how much we've been paying attention to the videos
— Posture and Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training
I've never attended a course like this before. I would recommend to anyone who works with kids. From clinical experience to science to evidence - very informative course! And Billi is such a great teacher.
— Developmental Orthopedics
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At the helm of all of this is Billi Cusick, an internationally-recognized pediatric therapist, instructor, and author whose specialty is the orthopedic and orthotic management of children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor deficits.

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