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Pediatric Trunk Posture

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The Significance of Extension in Neuro-Orthopedic Development

In this free on-demand course, you'll learn from Billi Cusick as she discusses sensory, biomechanical, kinesiological, and neuromotor aspects of both normal and compromised development of trunk alignment and control.

She describes the influence of postural alignment and control on movement acquisition and skills and on limb muscle contracture prevention and management in children with cerebral palsy.

In addition, she offers clinical evidence and suggestions for improving postural alignment and control using orthoses including TheraTogs strapping systems.

Your Takeaways

✔️ Describe the two fundamental kinesiology ingredients for postural control and motor development.

✔️ Which component of neck and trunk control emerges first?

✔️ Describe the typical planar sequence of achievement of balance and movement skills.

✔️ Explain the contribution of antigravity righting reactions to postural control acquisition and maintenance.

✔️ Explain the relationship between body sway detection, postural control, and effective limb use.

✔️ State the correct sequence of the body planes in which postural control emerges prior to walking according to Bly. 

✔️ Relate postural alignment and malalignment to the information stream used to maintain upright postures. 

✔️ Relate defective postural control to limb muscle contracture formation in children with pyramidal-type cerebral palsy.

✔️ Name three sciences that operate in the prolonged use of TheraTogs orthotic systems.

✔️ Name the primary goal of using TheraTogs in neuromotor training.

✔️ Describe one method of quantifying spinal alignment in sitting in the sagittal plane.

✔️ Explain the principles supporting Targeted Training as a postural-control management strategy.

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PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: Upon course completion, you’ll earn a total of 1.25 contact hours which are accepted for PT continuing education credits in 40+ states via Redefine Health Education. For a list of states that accept these CEUs and information about obtaining them in those that do not, please visit Redefine Health Education's website

FOR ORTHOTISTS/PROSTHETIST: This on-demand online course earns you 1.5 scientific credits through the American Board for Certification (ABC).

FOR OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS: Progressive GaitWays, LLC is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. PD activity approval ID#8882. This Distance Learning-Independent activity is offered at .125 CEUs, at the introductory educational level in the OT Service Delivery and Foundational Knowledge Categories. AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures.

Meet Your Instructor

Billi Cusick

Billi Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF/BOC, is an internationally known pediatric physical therapist whose specialty is the orthopedic development and orthotic management of children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor deficits. 

She has been teaching these and related topics since 1978, including presentations by invitation for the APTA, AACPDM, AOPA, and AAOP and more than 460 full programs and workshops worldwide.

Billi received her BS in PT from Bouve College at Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 1972, and her MS in Clinical and College Teaching for Allied Health Professionals from the University of Kentucky in Lexington in 1988. She is an Associate Professor for the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions – Pediatrics Program – Provo, Utah (2006-present) and is NDT basic- and baby-trained.