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At the Cusick Center for Learning (CCL) — the online branch of Progressive GaitWays — we provide a collection of content-rich, postgraduate education courses for healthcare clinicians involved in the management of pediatric lower extremity deformity and neuromotor dysfunction movement disorders. 

To meet your continuing education needs — at your convenience, pace, and budget — our educational offerings include the on-demand online courses found on this page.

Each course is created and curated by world-renowned pediatric physical therapist Bill Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF/BOC, who also offers private clinician consultations.


01. Pick Your Course

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This might be the hardest step in the process because with each course, your trusted instructor, Billi Cusick, tackles and teaches the essentials with her hallmark depth and breadth — and references galore. 

In the process of developing each course, Billi incorporates concepts and principles that cross disciplines, ensuring that what you learn is both relevant and proven.

And, of course, she teaches from a position of extensive experience and knowledge and with a passion for information that has a sound scientific basis.

02. Create Your Account

Once you choose a course, you'll need to create a user account inside Thinkific, the education platform we use to house all of our CCL on-demand courses. (There's no charge for having an account.)

If you've taken a CCL online course before, then you already have an account, so all you'll need to do is log in, select the course you want from your user dashboard, and continue with your purchase.

Do note that since this is a digital product, all sales are final on any course which you have started.

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03. Access Your Course

As soon as you hit that purchase button, you will receive immediate access to the course of your choosing.

We encourage you to make a mental note — or even better, post it in your calendar — of your course access period. Each course access period is either 60, 90, or 120-days from the time you purchase the course, NOT from the time you first start the course.

(You will also receive a weekly progress reminder email after registration.)

In order to earn CEUs per course, you'll need to complete the course in its entirety, which includes passing quizzes and completing an evaluation form.

14 Hours — $575 — CEU-Approved

Developmental Orthopedics

Developmental Orthopedics is CCL’s premier course for rehab clinicians who want to know more about the ways in which functioning alignment influences stability and limb use as infants and children develop typically and atypically.

Since its inception in 1986, this course has helped to change the way thousands of clinicians around the world see their clients, evaluate them, and prioritize intervention and management strategies using the support provided by the sciences. 

4.75 Hours — $79 — CEU-Approved

Posture and Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training

This online course addresses the typical development of postural alignment and control and its significance in healthy and pathologic sensorimotor and orthopedic development. The discussion includes a review of sciences of optimum postural alignment, control, and movement acquisition including kinesiology, biomechanics, sensory input, physiologic adaptation, massed practice, and treatment principles drawn from S.A. Sahrmann’s Movement Systems Analysis. 

Completion of this course qualifies you to attend a Posture and Torso Alignment Applications hands-on lab course (offered separately), allowing you to attain your Certified TheraTogs Fitter - Level 1 (CTF-1) credential.

2.75 Hours — $79 — CEU-Approved

Pediatric In-Toeing and Out-Toeing Management for Pediatric Neuromotor Training

This online course features a review of typical and pathologic aspects of orthopedic development of the pelvis, hip joint and femur that influence the foot progression angle (FPA), i.e., in-toeing and out-toeing in gait. The principles support the safe use of TheraTogs pelvic and hip rotation strapping.

To enroll in this on-demand course, you'll need to successful complete the on-demand level 1 course, Posture and Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training.

1 Hour Each — $45 or $83 for both — CEU-Approved

The Golden Rule of Managing Pediatric Orthopedic and Motor Development

In Part 1, Early Postural Control Acquisition, you'll learn key biomechanical and sensory-motor aspects of early postural control acquisition — the essential foundation for building competent limb use and movement skills.

In Part 2, Expanding Postural Control into Movement, you'll learn the biomechanical and somatosensory aspects of the developing infant’s progress after stabilizing the body center of mass in prone and supine positions. 

Note: Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2.

90 Minutes — $59 — CEU-Approved

The W-Sitting Controversy

A growing number of physicians and orthopedists are advising parents to let their child W-sit because it is comfortable for them.

In her highly rated on-demand course, Billi Cusick investigates the evidence and the science supporting both this and the intervention alternatives. By following Cusick through the sciences of full-term neonatal posture and bone geometry, you'll learn how to relate typical neonatal hip and knee joint alignment development to inform your assessments and strategies used to acquire the ring-sitting position.

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Wondering if enrolling in a Cusick Center for Learning course is a wise investment?

What Sets CCL Apart

Training from Billi Cusick has enabled thousands of clinicians to improve countless lives.

Just like her live courses, each on-demand course features your trusted instructor tackling, deconstructing, and teaching the essentials with her trademark depth and breath, leaving no questions left behind. 

In the process of developing each course, be it on demand, in-person, or sponsored, Billi incorporates concepts and principles across disciplines, ensuring that what you learn is both relevant and proven. And, of course, she teaches from a position of extensive experience and knowledge and with a passion for information grounded in a sound scientific basis.

With each CCL on-demand course, your clinical practice will benefit markedly from the principles, techniques, and assessment and management skills taught via the Cusick Center for Learning.

Student Reviews
“I took a course from Billi over 20 years ago (Biomechanics) and it transformed my practice. Love how she integrated all the approaches (NDT, Sahrmann, Tschnarter etc). Excellent information with clear application, and the science behind the art of postural control facilitation. It was concise, easy to follow, and packed full of golden nuggets. I actually bought Kathleen Porter's book and will be sharing it with coworkers at the clinic including office staff!”
— Early Postural Control Acquisition
“I have been hearing how this course is one of the best in Orthopedics … and it is. I am so glad I took this course!”
— Developmental Orthopedics
“It’s very difficult to get clear, concise information regarding infant motor development and I really appreciate the quality of information as well as the convenience of the presentation type.”
— Expanding Postural Control into Movement
“Enjoyed the historical approach with references to the scientific basis behind the techniques. Good reminder of finding the balance between stability and mobility in order to enhance function.”
— Early Postural Control Acquisition