For PTs and Orthotists Only

Certified TheraTogs Fitter Lab Level 2

6.75 Hours — $229 — Full Day In-Person Lab

Learn how to don TheraTogs garments and assorted straps as you focus on reducing shoulder protraction with thoracic kyphosis, hip lateral rotation, hip medial rotation, and others.

Please note: CTF - Level 1 Lab is a prerequisite for this lab, and you must have completed the on-demand course, Posture and Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training.

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March 23-24


April 6-7


Certified TheraTogs Fitter Lab 2 at NAPA Center near Boston

April 13-14


Certified TheraTogs Fitter Lab 2 at NAPA Center in Chicago

Dates TBD

Enrollment Opening Soon

Unlock the potential of TheraTogs

An Engaging, Hands-On TheraTogs Fitter Lab

Designed to build upon the principles and strategies pertaining to aligning the torso in the sagittal plane, you'll identify and address factors at the hip joint and femur that can contribute to altered foot progression angle (FPA) in walking.

You'll learn to execute precisely three musculoskeletal assessment procedures undertaken to quantify hip medial and lateral rotation range of motion (ROM) and femoral torsion.

And under your instructor's supervision, you'll perform strapping applications addressing persistent pelvic retraction, intoed and out-toed gait, and stance-phase hip stability.

Within two weeks following successful completion of the lab sessions and exams, you'll receive a Certified TheraTogs Fitter – Level 2 credential.

PRE-REQUISITES: You must have successfully completed the didactic session of Pediatric In-Toeing and Out-Toeing Management for Neuromotor Training, including having passed the didactic examination. And you must earn your TheraTogs Fitter Level I certification.

During the lab

You'll be expected to correctly ...

👉 Execute and record the findings obtained for three musculoskeletal assessments: hip medial and lateral rotation range of motion and the modified femoral torsion test.

👉 Don a TheraTogs Posture and Torso Alignment system that addresses a postural problem specified by the Instructor.

👉 Apply the following strap applications:

  1. Reduce persistent pelvic retraction.
  2. Assist the stance-phase stabilization afforded by the iliotibial band.
  3. Reduce functioning hip medial rotation.
  4. Reduce functioning hip lateral rotation.

👉 Explain the femoral torsion “Green Zone” precaution regarding the use of hip lateral rotation strapping to align the knee axis on the frontal plane.

A Few Words On

Continuing Education Unit Credits

In addition to offering a substantial investment in your professional development, the CTF 2 Lab delivers 6.75 contact hours.

Certificates will be issued within two weeks of course completion for those who score an 90% or better on all lab competencies and submit their online evaluation.

For Physical Therapists/Physical Therapist Assistants: CTF 2 Lab has been approved for 6.75 contact hours and CEUs in multiple states (40+ as of this date) by Redefine Health Education, Inc. For a list of approved states, visit their website.

If you are in a state not listed, Redefine Health Education will assist you in applying for individual approval. You will receive two certificates — one recognizing your course completion, and one documenting the CEU approval.

For Orthotists: CTF 2 Lab has been approved for 6.75 scientific contact hours by the American Board for Certification (ABC)

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