Turtlebrace Elbow Brace

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We use minimal packaging. The Turtlebrace core material is a compostable eco-friendly thermoplastic. Individual units are encased in curbside recyclable, naturally biodegradable Vela® Glassine Bags.


Messy, heavy, and hot plaster casts? They’re history. 

Sticky, itchy fiberglass? Not anymore…

Are off-the-shelf splints just too cookie-cutter to be effective? No need to compromise client comfort and progress.

Stressful applications — get it right, or cut it off and start over? Nope — just unzip it, rewarm it, and reform it!

No L-code recommendations are available at this time. Fitting and adjustment may be reimbursable under CPT 97760 in some cases, if those services are not otherwise covered by an applicable L-code.

Full Description

The Turtlebrace Elbow Brace is a warm-and-form immobilization brace, designed to be molded directly on the client and removed as needed for bathing, range of motion assessment, skin care, or other appropriate activities.

A clean and cost-effective alternative to using plaster or fiberglass for casting applications, or using pre-fab metal-and-fabric products for splinting, the brace has many uses, including:

‣ Night splinting 

‣ Serial casting course for mild to moderate tendinitis

‣ Short-term immobilization after fracture, injury, or surgery

‣ Stabilization for neuromotor training

‣ Maintenance of available range of motion

The low-temperature thermoplastic core offers precise control during molding, to stabilize and position the joint easily and quickly. The great flexibility of the components stabilizes the joint more easily and with more precision than a traditional brace or cast.

It can be reshaped many times, allowing the fitting clinician to make adjustments for fit, comfort, physical changes to the limb, and to adapt to clinical progress.

Brace Warming Options:
Hot packs
Hair dryer (you supply the box enclosure)

The Turtlebrace is a single patient class 1 medical device (Health Canada MDEL 7450 and CE certified), and should only be used by a qualified clinical professional.

Benefits and Features

→ Warmed and molded directly on the limb for precise, comfortable fit.

→ Radiotransparent to allow for imaging without removal.

→ Washable and submersible, can be worn in swimming or bathing.

→ Core material is perforated for quick drying.

→ Can be rewarmed and remolded multiple times.Thin 1/8" (3.2 mm) profile can be worn under normal clothes.

→ Cover material is antibacterial to reduce odor.

→ Core material is a compostable eco-friendly plastic.


✓ Stable fractures or sprains needing support

✓ Night splinting 

✓ Serial casting course for mild to moderate tendinitis

✓ Short-term immobilization after fracture, injury, or surgery

✓ Range-of-motion gains to protect


Do not heat the brace over 100°C (210°F) or you can damage the fabric and/or the zipper.

Let the brace cool slightly after softening, and test the temperature against the back of your hand before placing it on the client. If it's too hot to handle with bare hands, it's too hot to place on the client.

Handle with caution when warmed. 

A standard heat gun can easily burn or deform the fabric covering; use the lowest setting (or a hair dryer) to soften the brace in spots for adjustment.

DO NOT store the brace in heated spaces, such as a closed car, or a sunny window sill.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in lukewarm water (35°C • 95°F maximum). Use gentle detergent if needed. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap traces. Air dry.


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