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Not only do we offer on-demand courses online, and live courses in the Telluride region and elsewhere in the United States, we also help organizations coordinate and sponsor courses — either in-person or online — all over the world.

Each one of these courses is led by author, sought-after pediatric physical therapist, and instructor extraordinaire, Billi Cusick.

In fact, Billi has guest-lectured at annual conferences of the APTA, the AOPA, the NDTA, and the American Academy of CP and Developmental Medicine; at the ISPO Consensus Conference for Orthotics in CP; for the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists; at the International Conference on Cerebral Palsy in Sydney, Australia, to name just a few. 

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As Is Often the Case ...

Clinicians, practice managers, and administrators alike know that continuing education is a critical investment in optimal outcomes and professional growth.

Yet in this era of limited training (and travel) budgets and staff utilization pressures, accessing continuing education for even small teams of clinicians is an uphill battle — even if the training consists of practice-changing content and world-class instructors.

This is where we come into the picture.

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Whether you’re a regional special interest group, a multi-site therapy clinic, or a state professional association, you can sponsor a course as an:

internal continuing education course just for your team or department, or

public course for which you charge admission (and offset your costs), or

keynote or pre-course event for your association or group, as part of a larger conference or convention

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Any pique your interest? If so, contact us and include the course you’re most interested in sponsoring, potential dates and locations you have in mind, and any other relevant details. We’ll respond as quickly as we can with information on costs, requirements, and conditions.

Two Days

Developmental Orthopedics of the Trunk and Lower Extremity

This sponsored course features an overview of somatosensory function and development, the role of postural control in movement acquisition and physiologic adaptation, skeletal modeling mechanisms and influences, and ideal and pathomechanical features of orthopedic development of the trunk and lower extremity.

Certified TheraTogs Fitter Level I

Posture and Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training

This introductory program features a review of relevant pediatric orthopedic issues and sciences pursuant to neuromotor re-education for posture and torso alignment, including:

Skeletal modeling mechanisms and influences

The role of the somatosensory system in postural control acquisition and movement

Fundamentals of S.A. Sahrmann’s muscle balance theory

Practice-related skills acquisition

Sponsor Cusick's Pediatric In-toeing and Out-Toeing Management for Neuromotor Training Course
Certified TheraTogs Fitter Level II

Pediatric In-toeing and Out-Toeing Management for Neuromotor Training

This program builds upon the foundation laid in the Posture and Torso Alignment course. It features a brief review of pediatric orthopedic lower-extremity (LE) skeletal and joint development as it occurs in the transverse plane – i.e. medial and lateral joint rotation and medial and lateral long bone torsion – and in relation to deviations in foot progression angle (FPA) – i.e. in-toeing and out-toeing.

A Review of Sciences and Strategies for Optimizing AFOs

New Paradigms in Pediatric Equinus Deformity Management

The landscape of considerations of ankle function in balance and gait, and of strategies for managing ankle plantarflexion contracture – i.e., equinus deformity – is changing to embrace the roles of the somatosensory system and postural control both as causative factors and intervention strategies.

Instructor Beverly Cusick, PT, MS, COF, C/NDT reviews the relevance of ankle function in postural control, and discusses the physiology of muscle transformation and the role of spasticity in contracture formation. The content features challenges to the rationale and effectiveness of common equinus deformity intervention paradigms including stretching, blocking ankle plantarflexion at 0° with orthoses, injecting the gastrocnemius muscle with toxin, and surgically lengthening any aspect of the triceps surae muscle-tendon unit. The course presents new orthotic and training strategies, based upon the work of Shirley Sahrmann, Mary Weck, and Elaine Owen, with emphasis on children with pyramidal-types of cerebral palsy.

The Significance of Extension

Pediatric Trunk Posture

This two-hour course details the scientific and clinical evidence which supports the well-known pediatric management principle: “proximal stability precedes distal mobility.”

Billi Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF/BOC, is an internationally known pediatric physical therapist whose specialty is the orthopedic development and orthotic management of children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor deficits. 

She has been teaching these and related topics since 1978, including presentations by invitation for the APTA, AACPDM, AOPA, and AAOP and more than 460 full programs and workshops worldwide.

Billi received her BS in PT from Bouve College at Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 1972, and her MS in Clinical and College Teaching for Allied Health Professionals from the University of Kentucky in Lexington in 1988. She is an Associate Professor for the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions – Pediatrics Program – Provo, Utah (2006-present) and is NDT basic- and baby-trained.

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