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A collection of essential supplies to support your serial casting and orthotic posting needs and personally selected by Billi Cusick for their quality and usefulness.


Offering a full range of posting materials to meet your serial casting, splinting, and orthotic tuning needs, choose from any of our peel-and-stick adhesive strips to ensure stable placement for optimum biomechanical effect. 

Full Description

Choose among these essential supplies for your casting, splinting, and orthotic posting and tuning needs:

Self-Adhesive Plastazote Strip 1/8" x 4" x 18"
Adhesive-backed, thermoplastic expanded polyethylene Plastizote posting material, provided in 18-inch strips at 4 inches width with peel-and-stick backing.

Self-Adhesive Felt Strip 1/8 " x 6" x 18"
Industrial wool felt material provided in ⅛-inch by 6-inch by 18-inch strips with peel-and-stick backing.

Self-Adhesive PPT Strip 1/8" x 4" x 18"
Adhesive-backed, open cell microcellular polyurethane (PPT) allows for effective transfer of air and perspiration and results in a cool and dry environment, while maintaining the benefits of heat retention. Also, excellent tensile strength and resistance to compression set provide superior durability and better value than most closed cell neoprene products. PPT posting material provided in 18-inch strips at 4 inches width with peel-and-stick backing.

Posting Strip Sample Pack
A combination pack containing one strip each of all three posting materials: Plastazote, Felt, and PPT at a 12% discount.

Deluxe Posting Sample Pack
Everything you need to get started with a new client: one each of all three posting strips and all four posting wedges at a 12% discount.



Care Instructions

For best performance, keep all self-adhesive materials free from dust, extreme heat, extreme cold, or exposure to solvents.


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