Author: Dr. Mindy Silva, Guest Contributor

Evidence based practice (EBP) has become an aversive phrase for me over the past few years, even as I immersed myself in writing up a thesis for my PhD.

It’s a little surprising to reflect on this actually, considering one of the significant factors influencing my decision to undertake a PhD was that I love nothing more than immersing myself in the research. I started a PhD so I could have legitimate reason to sit on my but and read publications all day.

So how’d we go from loving research to being allergic to the phrase EBP?

Well the above myth busters article published in Feb 2021 in the journal Current Opinions in Pediatrics pretty much sums it up for me.

EBP is really just a term these days used to represent a phenomenon more accurately described as Publication Based Practice (PBP).

A one-legged stool that’s as flimsy as the recommendations from this publication.

The mythbuster publication looks at several hot topics in childhood development related to orthopedic concerns, w-sitting, flexible flat foot, in/out-toeing and toe-walking.

Hot topics because there is controversy around what, if and when to treat. Luckily this mythbuster publication answers all your complex questions and lays the controversy to rest.

IF you're practicing PBP.

I am not!

So just for fun I took a deep dive into this article to see how their recommendations aligned with clinical expertise – the most neglected of the 3 legs of true EBB. I only covered flat feet and w-sitting. The research around ITW similarly misrepresents this incredibly complex topic from a clinical perspective. I'll leave that for another day.

Let’s get into it...

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