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While popular opinion favors having young children wear no foot attire, for the child with overpronated feet this opinion is a fallacy.

Overpronation imposes faulty inner forefoot loading and demands related compensatory adjustments in the leg muscles and body to stay upright. With no knowledge of more age-appropriate alignment, these routine compensatory experiences are perceived by the child with overpronation as “normal”.

HeelRite™ heel seats are suitable for infants and toddlers with excessive, flexible pronation and whose attending clinicians and caregivers are looking for a simple, cost-effective, and evidence-based solution.

Caregivers must offer proper footwear to go with the heel seats, which means shoes with a sturdy heel box, a firm, flat sole, support for the mid-feet. No soft, flimsy slippers, sandals, Crocs™ or Jellies.

HeelRite™ heel seats can join appropriate footwear to improve heel alignment, allowing your client to perceive more age-appropriate foot loading and sensory information which combine to foster improved standing stability.

Better standing stability lays the foundation for more competent and efficient movements needed for participation in activities that require standing stability.

HeelRite heel seats are sold in left-right pairs.
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Benefits and Features

→ Heel seats are unique among the array of prefabricated foot orthoses for young children. They were investigated clinically and radiologically and were found to be effective in reducing standing foot overpronation for 85% of children who participated in the study (Bleck EE et al 1977). This study has not been repeated.

→ Parent/caregiver friendly.

→ Cost-effective.

→ No prescription is required.


Overpronation due to
✓ Hypotonia
✓ Ligament Laxity
✓ Muscle Weakness


Heel seats are not appropriate for children with overpronation that is
compounded by stiffness in the triceps surae muscles, compensatory stabilizing lower limb muscle coactivation as occurs in diplegic cerebral palsy, and involuntary movements as in dyskinesia or dystonia.

Care Instructions

Wash in soapy water, rinse and air dry.

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