Flexible Ruler


!!! The interior of the plastic-encased ruler contains lead. Keep out of reach of children.

Apply the Flexible Ruler with gentle pressure to the spine, spinal segment, or other bony landmarks. It holds the shape as formed, allowing you to trace, record, and measure curvature and alignment deviations.
Full Description

Our Flexible Ruler is the ideal tool for accurate measurement of spine curve and other eccentric bony landmarks. This bendable, flexible, vinyl ruler features the US and metric scales. Available in 16-inch length.

Benefits and Features

→ Use your measurement results to plan rehabilitation activities addressing kyphosis, lordosis, or other curvatures of the spine.


✓ Kyphosis
✓ Lordosis
✓ Curvature of the spine


The interior of the plastic-encased ruler contains lead. Keep out of reach of children.

Care Instructions

Wipe with disinfectant as appropriate after each use. Allow to dry completely before storing.


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