Posting Wedges

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A Note on 6-Degree Wedges:

We are currently out of stock. To help, you may purchase two 3-degree wedges, which will equal 6-degrees when stacked together. For sample packs, two additional 3-degree wedges will be provided as a substitute for the 6-degree wedge.

Posting Wedge colors vary so the colors shown in product photos may not be the exact color you receive. Wedges are available in 18-inch lengths, 6-inch Posting Mini-Wedges.


Therapists and orthotists use posting wedges of assorted angles of inclination to accommodate identified features of the weight-bearing foot and ankle in order to optimize foot loading and function. The wedges serve this purpose in below-knee casts and shoes that accompany ankle-foot and foot orthoses and can preview the effects of comparable, more permanent orthotic modifications. 

Full Description

You can choose from 2-degree, 3-degree, 4-degree incline adhesive-backed, closed-cell foam posting wedges. Wedges are provided in 18-inch strips with a 4.5-inch width, and feature easy-to-use peel-and-stick backing. Foam is rated as a Shore A 40-degree hardness and is 100% EVA to provide superior mold retention.

Need an extra wide posting wedge? We have you covered with our adhesive-backed crepe posting wedge with an approximate 6-degree incline. Provided in 16-inch strips at a 6-inch width with peel-and-stick backing. Crepe material is rated at 35-degree durometer hardness.

Or, try all four for a 12% savings: the Posting Wedge Sample Pack option includes one wedge each at 18-inch length in 2-degree, 3-degree, 4-degree inclines, and 16-inch length at 6-degree incline —  all with peel-and-stick backing. 

Benefits and Features

Peel-and-stick adhesive keeps posting material in place.

Stack multiple layers if needed to provide desired lift.

Wedge material is easy to cut with shears, knife, or razor blade.

Once installed, material can be cleaned or wiped with warm water and a gentle cleaner or disinfectant.


Posting wedges can be successfully used to address any indications requiring a posting or tuning effect to maximize optimal alignment and movement, including, but not limited to:

Post-op immobilization

Alignment issues requiring serial casting or AFO interventions

Equinus deformity

Idiopathic toe walking


Do not expose materials with PSA backing to prolonged heat or cold.

Care Instructions

Keep wedge material free from dust, extreme heat, extreme cold, or exposure to solvents.

Clean with a damp cloth, using gentle soap if necessary. Air dry.


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