TogRite™ Strapping

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The 1- and 3-yard lengths are in a roll wrapped around a small piece of pasteboard. The 10- and 25-yard lengths come wound on a cardboard core, which we refer to as a spool.

Imagine a strapping product that combines the grip of kinesiologic tape with the stretch-and-compression of a common elastic bandage … and then adds durable end-to-end Velcro® hook receptivity so that you can attach it anywhere, any time, with a simple hook tab.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it —  you can just buy it, right here. In three different widths and four different lengths, with ample fastening tabs included.

TogRite™, the new standard of multi-functional strapping!
Full Description

TogRite™ is a dynamic strapping material with resisted elongation and strong, elastic rebound properties that uniquely replicate functioning muscle. It was originally developed as  “muscle by the yard” for TheraTogs strapping applications — but it is much more widely useful.  

Think of TogRite as a combination of Ace® elastic wrap and Kinesio® kinesiology tape, offering the best features of both — in a durable, washable, hook-sensitive strapping with 100’s of uses and re-uses. TogRite strapping’s superior rebound and recovery properties are field-proven and laboratory-tested, with no “stretch out” or loss of recoil strength and resistance to stretch — even after repeated use and multiple machine washings. The elasticized Latex-free silicone backing pattern grips the wrapped surface securely to resist migration during wear and movement, whether you’re wrapping it around a body part, a TheraTogs system, regular clothing, or an orthosis.

Potential applications are limitless. You will want to keep a roll (10 yards) or a spool (25 yards) of TogRite on hand to enhance the effectiveness of TheraTogs systems, or to preview the effects of comparable splints or orthoses.

But that’s just the starting point. TogRite can also be used in a wide variety of applications to provide temporary limb and joint support; movement resistance therapy; swelling remediation; and instant positioning of limbs, joints, posture, and seating. 

(We even used it once as security strapping around a pallet of tradeshow exhibit materials - and everything arrived without budging an inch!)

Benefits and Features

Available in 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch widths

Packaged in 1-yard, 3-yard, 10-yard, and 25-yard lengths

Consistent stretch and rebound

Strong elasticity and resistance to stretch

Securely embedded, elasticized silicone lining grips anything

Durability: TogRite is washable and reusable for dozens of applications

Versatility: TogRite will hold just about anything, anywhere

Designed to be used in cut-to-length applications

Each unit includes a supply of hook tabs to support multiple uses


In TheraTogs applications, TogRite functions as “muscle by the yard”, enhancing  the effects of TheraTogs systems.

It can also be extremely effective in allowing the clinician to preview the effects of comparable splints or orthoses, with applications designed to foster:

Pelvic stabilization in sitting
Postural alignment
Pelvic rotation
Scapular and shoulder retraction
Abdominal assist
Hip motion assist
Knee flexion or extension assist (swing phase)
Ankle dorsiflexion assist

✓ Outside of TheraTogs applications, TogRite can be effectively used to address:

Sprains or strains of the ankle, knee, elbow, or wrist;
Swelling due to trauma;
Positioning of ice or heat packs, regardless of bulk or location; and
any number of non-clinical applications! 


TogRite has strong rebound and compression properties. In any application directly to the body, ALWAYS be careful not to impede normal circulation or respiration. Wrap with a spiral pattern in a distal-to-proximal direction whenever possible, and always monitor perfusion at any distal extremity.

Care Instructions

Machine wash and air dry.


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