Lab: Developmental Orthopedics of the Trunk and Lower Extremity

15.25 Hours — $450
(Does not include travel and hotel expenses)

→ Two-day value-packed lab sessions with eight of your peers
→ 15 executed musculoskeletal assessments on each other under supervision
→ Participants evaluate and propose management strategies for a child with two team members with Cusick's supervision and consultation
→ 15.25 didactic contact hours earned

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Transform Your Understanding into Real Impact

Enhance your knowledge of developmental orthopedics with a comprehensive, two-day, hands-on laboratory session led by renowned educator Billi Cusick.

Building upon your successful completion of the 15.5-hour on-demand course, Developmental Orthopedics of the Trunk & Lower-Extremity: A Review of Operating Processes with Implications for Management, this extensive and immersive laboratory experience will allow you to apply your theoretical knowledge in real-time scenarios.

Together with Ms. Cusick, you will learn to masterfully conduct 15 musculoskeletal assessment procedures on a child with neuromotor dysfunction, enabling you to hone and refine your skills and expand your knowledge.

As a laboratory participant, you will benefit from personalized instruction and guidance, enabling you to analyze your findings and generate clinically impactful and relevant treatment objectives and methods. To boot, you'll be invited to try an assessment procedure and process the findings into clinical management goals and strategies.

And as a parting gift for all your invaluable work, you'll receive an illustrated manual and a set of four assessment tools for your clinical use.

Disclosure Statement: Beverly Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF, the author and principal owner of this course has equity ownership in Progressive Gaitways, LLC and TheraTogs, Inc. which develops and sells products related to this course.

The content covered in this hands-on lab means you'll be able to:

👉 Demonstrate novice-level skill in executing 15 postural and lower-extremity musculoskeletal assessment procedures.

👉 Explain the clinical significance of each assessment procedure and finding.

👉 Undertake an orthopedic evaluation of a child volunteer and explain the implications and relevance of the finding.

👉 Sort assessment findings into orthopedic categories and bring them to the generation of up to three management priorities and one strategy idea for each priority for the child volunteer.

Upcoming Lab Dates and Locations
November 11-12
Los Angeles, California
January 20-21
Chicago, Illinois
They're Yours. You've Earned 'Em.

15.25 Continuing Education Credits

PHYSICAL THERAPISTS: Upon course completion, you’ll earn a total of 15.25 contact hours which are accepted for PT continuing education credits in over 40 states via Redefine Health Education. For a list of states that accept these CEUs and information about obtaining them in those that do not, please visit Redefine Health Education's website

ORTHOTISTS/PROSTHETISTS: This on-demand online course earns you 15.25 Category I scientific credits through the American Board for Certification (ABC). Full participation in this program is required to be eligible for the full amount of credits approved, which means you need to watch the hour-long course, answer 15 quiz questions, get 80% correct to pass, and complete an evaluation form. 

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Meet Your Instructor

Billi Cusick

Billi Cusick, PT, MS, NDT, COF/BOC, is an internationally known pediatric physical therapist whose specialty is the orthopedic development and orthotic management of children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor deficits. 

She has been teaching these and related topics since 1978, including presentations by invitation for the APTA, AACPDM, AOPA, and AAOP and more than 460 full programs and workshops worldwide.

Billi received her BS in PT from Bouve College at Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 1972, and her MS in Clinical and College Teaching for Allied Health Professionals from the University of Kentucky in Lexington in 1988. She is an Associate Professor for the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions – Pediatrics Program – Provo, Utah (2006-present) and is NDT basic- and baby-trained.