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How to make a postural control training aid for the home or school

Clever Postural Control Training Aid for the Home or School

Author: Billi (Beverly) Cusick, PT, MS, COF, NDT

The great idea I want to pass on to you is the adapted plastic barrel you see in the photos. Elizabeth spends ~20-30 minutes/day standing in this barrel and playing ball while wearing her tuned AFOs and shoes — and at the time of this photo — her SWASH orthosis (no longer needed).

The advantages of this barrel as a postural control and strengthening aid include:

  • A safe and controlled environment in which to practice self-initiated and self-controlled body weight shifting and recovery skills while engaged in a game that requires overhead throwing.
  • The interior diameter of the upper barrel can be adjusted down by lining it with foam rubber.
  • Daily strengthening of antigravity musculature needed for trunk and hip control.

 Read on for the materials you'll need and the how to assemble the barrel.

April 25, 2023