Angle Finder

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Quantify your knowledge of your client and your results. This simple, compact, and versatile measuring tool gives you a quick capture of the alignment of any angle or joint alignment when conducting a thorough evaluation.

Full Description

Our 3 ½-inch Angle Finder is a gravity-driven level that can be used in a variety of clinical measurement applications.

The floating indicator is set against a scale marked in four “quadrants” of 90 degrees each, making it useful in almost any position. The grooved, straight edges are marked in inches and easily seat a Telescoping Stick for easy alignment on long bones and with distant angles. maximum representation of underlying long bones.

Benefits and Features

→ Use this gravity-driven inclinometer to measure the alignment of load-bearing body segments — e.g. sacral tilt (anteversion and obliquity in standing or sitting), spinal kyphosis and lordosis (using two Angle Finders), and posterior calcaneus (eversion or inversion).

→ Use measurement results to define a baseline,  identify rehab objectives, and quantify progress following rehabilitation activities.

→ Sturdy plastic composition and floating indicator resist shock or drop damage.

→ Compact 3 ½-inch size generates accurate readings, even on infant and pediatric clients.


✓ Musculoskeletal, alignment, and functional issues requiring joint angle measurement.



Care Instructions

Wipe with disinfectant after each use. Allow to dry completely before storing.


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