8" Pediatric Goniometer


The tried-and-true Universal Pediatric Goniometer, used for limb joint angle measurement, is a must-have for your clinical toolbox.
Full Description

Even with all the technology at our fingertips, one of the most common and essential clinical tools is still the classic Universal Pediatric Goniometer.

Used to gauge angle measurement of any limb joint, it’s made from durable plastic, measures 8-inches on each ‘arm’, and is a 360 degree, fully adjustable protractor/bevel square.

Benefits and Features

→ Use measurement results to plan rehabilitation treatments and measure outcomes and progress

→ Ruler is scaled in both US and metric measurements

→ Sturdy but flexible .040 clear plastic construction

→ Dimensions: open - 1.75" x 14.25" | folded - 1.75" x 8"


Any neuromotor dysfunction or musculoskeletal mal-alignment that requires an accurate and easy assessment of angle or length.



Care Instructions

Wipe with disinfectant as appropriate after each use. Allow to dry completely before storing.


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